The Himalayan Boy

I’ve been thinking lately. About this boy. He’s younger than me but he seems older than me. Not because of his looks. It’s because of his mind. A gap between my mind and his mind is a gap of himalayan hills. They said he’s ice cold. Himalayan boy. He is.

I’ve been thinking lately. About how he look. Plundering my heart. Define my weakness with eyelashes and good back. He has it all. Tiny eyes were covered by his eyelashes which sometimes that i cant even see pupils behind those lashes. Blue rucksack undefined his backbone.
I’ve been thinking lately. About the way he act. Less sense of humor. But makes me smile. Less talk. But makes me flatter. Less thinking. A snap decision.  But thou he’s less. He’s still more for me.
I’ve been thinking lately. That he never thinks about me lately that i always think about him which is useless unless he thinks that i’m thinking about him which makes it use-more.
Does he know. He knew. They’ve known. Did i? I did. Very well being told. Caught. Now i ashamed. Anyway but why would i. Needing jester fighting against my darkness.
Deep down. A cold blood and a warm blood creature. Drained in sweat of joy but he didn’t feel it. It was never be one.  He has never needed it. He never needs the warmness of me. Then i realize he’s an iceberg in arctic. No he would never melts. Unless i’m wave that i’m not but it still wouldn’t make ice melt. I broke him. Pieces. Then when.
Ice cold fingers. Dried chilled lips. Cold hearted. When the time to claimed those. I’ll be dance to my glory dance like it’s my liberal independence celebration. Till that day come. Then i’ll be thinking lately.

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