Being Through Gates

Gue menemukan tulisan gue sepulang traveling waktu tahun 2012 dan berikut isinya. (Mohon maaf kalau grammatically error, tulisan tiga tahun, maklum masih bocah)

If you’ve been trough lots of gates and platforms and immigrations then it’s not a special journey then every time you passes those borders; between the travelers and the companies. Surely if you have that free time on your schedule, try to complete this ‘life time must do thing’ list as one of your traveling guide.
At first, you should try every public toilet in airports, train stations, bus stops, and any rest area in city or country you are in. A toilet hygiene mostly reflected how clean is the city. This may not be hundred percent true but it’s PUBLIC TOILETS in PUBLIC PLACES, surely it describe how local people do their business on the back of the door.
Second try local transportation. As National Geographic Traveler tagline “let’s get lost” which is clear enough, let’s get lost. All you need to do is set your schedule off for one day for being lost, strongly suggest not on the LAST or DAY BEFORE your return,  who would have known that may be you ended up in another’s country border. No one could guarantee. As in Indonesia try to ride some ‘Angkot’ (public car with certain route) or ‘Becak’ (the earth language is padicab) or maybe even in some place ride an ‘Andong’ (a carriage pulled by a horse) to get to your destination. In Thailand you can ride ‘Tuk Tuk’ (a three wheeled tuk tuks beetle with a cover back) or maybe even more insane! Ride a Elephant Howdah in India. Feel that sensation of getting lost and blend in with local people.
Third goal is to taste some local flavor. Not into extreme culinary? Chillax, tasting local flavor doesn’t have to be extreme. Trying a real Ramen in Japan with Japanese noodle made by Japanese Man is also included to this goal. Imagine you’re tasting REAL GOOD FOOD on it’s original place. The atmosphere is bringing you to the next level. Try also some light snack sells on the convenience store. In Hong Kong you can find best Fish Ball Stick in almost 7/11 store. See you don’t have to go to the deepest part of the city to find local good food (unless you want another day of ‘get lost’ ). Suggesting not to eat local food in fancy restaurants or hotels. Despite you got enough money to pay the bill, eating in those fancy restaurants and hotels didn’t give you the sensation of local atmosphere; mostly they are decoration. Try street food. Being picky on street food is really a suggestion. Check their  utensils hygiene too. If you are a budget traveler you also need to be picky on which kiosk do you want to buy those foods in. In Macau you can get a Portuguese Pie for 7 MOP each but just three store behind the kiosk you just bought 300 piece of pies that only cost 5 MOP! And even taste better! Make sure you try one before deciding to buy dozes for it.
“Assalamualaikum! Sukron!” Try to speak Arabic in Saudi to get special price for a scarf sold in front of Majidil Nabawi. The forth goal is to speak local. Even just a ‘Hello’ and ‘Thank You’ it’ll bring laugh to the locals, maybe because of your accent, maybe because of wrong pronunciation that has wrong meaning. ‘Kalb’ and ‘Qalb’ are both pronounced ‘Ka.L.Bu’ but the one with K means ‘Dog’ and the one with ‘Q’ means ‘heart’. If you’re saying ‘that is such a cute Qalb you’re having’. It’s just so wrong. Speaking with locals also add vocabularies to your dictionary and also make you feel welcome in certain place (beside that you need to respect local cultures if you want to be accepted) local people are usually kind, well basically everyone is. When you’re good to people around, they’ll be good to you too. It comes naturally.  Short story, be good, be polite and take care of your self.
Architectures of a city could give double sensation to you but why only taking pictures? This fifth goal is a lil bit freak style goal. Try to sing with the Catholic choir inside Notre Dame. Visit holy places and pray inside. You may see lots of homeless people sleep in church area, France is pretty open about that, just don’t let Father know that you are sleeping there pssshhhttt.
‘Is that a band jamming on the park? Wait is there some kind of festival or what here?’ Yes it is. Please don’t get too countrified during your vacation in a country. Sixth, make sure you’ve know all the festival that held during the day of your visit. It could be any kind of festival; a parade, an indie music festival, or even a food festival! Who knows you are walking down in the city of Zurich where you suddenly ask to join ‘blind taste cheese’ contest on the annual cheese festival there. Or maybe you get the chance to visit one of the scariest haunted house in summer festival in japan! That’s the thing baby. Always check the schedule on festival held during the day of your visit.
Seventh, send postcard to your self. I am not sorry to even look like dumb to send postcard to my own address. It could be like your own journal. Every time you see a post office try to pick one of your favorite postcard and write to your self about what you have just experienced in the current city.
With a picture of Bagheria Temple write your self : ‘i just visited the god damn god father shooting place. It’s in Cecilia baby! The island of mafia. Here is a temple where people used to hang victim of mafia’ send it to your address and after a months or two surprise your self with the postcard that you wrote before (it usually arrived around a month after you sent it)
Eight. ‘SELFIIEEE!’ A must-do-trend that everyone should say. Oh em ji. Please take a loooooooooooot of picture during your trip. My personal suggestion, i like to take a video and make a vlog out of it, because you simply can remember the event clearly with a moving object.
That’s it! All eight amazing things that you should do during your visit to foreign country. BREAK A LEG!
And once more. Don’t tell your mother
(Featured Image from Google)

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