Why I Shoot in Film

Well it’s not because its “hype” or whatever. It’s because how honest film is to its viewers.

Banyak orang yang bilang kalo trend repeat itself. Well, sekarang giliran 35mm yang balik lagi in stock of hype oleh para manusia kekinian. Wandering around art galleries and cafe trying to shoot their best on their new point and shoot they bought on Instagram shop. I am not in the “mad at hipster” mode, i am grateful instead. When i “accidentally” re-use my analog camera back at 2011, the price of standard film roll was up to 65k/ roll. It was very expensive even for a Kodak Color Plus, so i buy Lomography 35mm instead. By the end of the year the price rocketed. I’m too broke to be back at this type of photography. Then the wave came back at early 2016 and the price dropped to 50k/ roll of KCP. For the first time I am happy of what these hipster do. There is something about loading films that turns me on, more than just how people see Tara Basro or Chelsea Islan reeling on their Instastory. So i gear up. You might say “lah lo maen analog sekarang” and feel the seniority upon somebody else but trust me only the one with love of real beauty can stand using analogue for long time period. Even maybe you, 35mm noob.

Nikon FM10 – Lomography 100

In compact camera (the digital version of point and shoot) people can use it easily, every setting is in auto. DSLR is adding auto mode and soon mirrorless camera is on the market. People of my generation are used to being “auto” mode because its easy. Waktu jaman DSLR booming, beberapa orang bahkan memakai kamera untuk jadi pengganti kalung supaya gampang kalo mau foto. Yep, I don’t get it, mungkin karena waktu itu hape belum ada yang 13MP kali ya. But well it’s my rant tho. Digital photography is not a trend anymore, its a something we cannot live without especially on this social media world. And in this digitalization era, capturing things in only 36 exposures and tardy way on seeing the result, it teaches us to really feel each of the frames we took.

Every time i shoot in film, timing is essential. You only have 36 frames or even 24 in some rolls. Most people won’t spend shooting on things they don’t think it will be good. Unlike DSLR where you can let the lens clapping for frames and pick the best to be edited. I have this believe of every 36 (and sometimes even 39) frames on the canister has to be the best one. It’s what the photographer thinks best to be captured on ze camera.

Nikon FM10 – Kodak Ultramax 400

I used to bring more than 4 rolls for a 5 days trip. I thought there will be too much memory to be forgotten if its not captured on my analogue. Shooting in analogue teaches you to pick creme de la creme. I grew up on a DSLR camera, i shoot concerts. Sometimes 16 GB is not enough for shooting RAW at concerts. You shouldn’t think digitally when you use analogue. Each frame you shoot is precious, it’s your master piece.

In DSLR, people have tendency to shoot a picture, see it through LV and delete it right away when the picture didn’t go as expected. People seems to delete “memory” easily when they can see it directly. I’m not saying it’s bad or whatever, but i see this phenomenon as “ungrateful”. Why should you delete the picture right away when you don’t know if the next pictures are gonna be better?

Nikon FM10 – Kodak Ultramax 400

Shooting in film teaches you on accuracy. I shoot in FM10, that’s my main gear. It’s one of the easiest 35mm camera, i’d say its like the Canon 60D everyone owned. Since you cannot see the result, i personally calculate every thing on the shot. I waited until i see those green light dimmed on the corner of my left eye before i click the shutter. Even with perfectly working light meter, some people find it difficult to use it. My father said “You need assuredness and poise when taking pictures in analog, even the digital ones”. You need to know exactly on what point should you click the shutter and capture the moment.

But sometimes there’s something about films that makes ordinary photographs into extraordinary. Entah karena (kalo kata hashtag) film not pixels, atau karena secara psikologis kita dipaksa untuk menyukai hasil foto yang kita tangkap. I mean seriously! In this instant world, there’s some kind of like tingling feeling when you took a photograph and HAS to wait at least a week to either fill those 36 frames or the chemical process that took days to develop. Answer to any of those questions lead to psychological effect of how we should accept what has taken.

Minolta 35 Big Finder – Fuji Industrial 100

In the case of point and shoot. I fixed my mom’s Minolta big finder 35 before i depart to Surabaya couple months ago. Although you still need to load the film, but i don’t have the sense of capturing in accuracy when using point and shoot. It’s like the analog version of compact camera. But it really is good for those of you who is new to the club. Again, for me this point and shoot camera doesn’t get my grip of sense in taking pictures in analogue but it’s perfect for party. You don’t have to set the aperture, speed, or ISO. For party or to go pictures that require speed (because you wont catch your friend puke twice hehe) point and shoot is perfect. It gives you the sense of “trap in time” but with automatic adjustment.

Talking about trap in time, another thing i like about shooting in analogue is how it captures moment like it will never be the same. Literally! It’s like how i feel about shooting BW in digital. It gives you that freeze in time feeling. Color roll in analogue gives that too. So does the BW, gives the pictures more powerful vibe.

I’m not dictating what’s good  and what’s bad for what in analogue. Back again, once said good photography is not based on the gear but on how good the photographer’s eye is to capture good moment. Within this hype, like it was before it will sink by itself; people who find it a new hobby because of how cool 35mm is. But for those of you who fell in love instantly for how genuine the pictures you’ve taken with your analogue, so be it. It’s fun to explore but pricey. Have fun!

Featured Image: Nikon FM10 – Kodak Color Plus 200



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  1. Preach!! love it so much how you express your perspective! And somehow, setuju sama pendapat lo✌🏻️✌🏻️✌🏻️


  2. Hasil analog itu jujur, yeees setuju banget!! Kadang banyak kejutan dr analog, foto yang tiba2 kece and waiting for the right moment to cekrek yang bikin gregetan


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