A Difficult Dilemma Between Islam and Waria

Originally titled: “A Difficult Dilemma Between Identity and Belief: In The Name of God Most Merciful (Even) to Waria” – a paper submitted to International Network University Student Conference in Hiroshima Japan. Republished for Incotive.com as column rubrics as it is in line with their current theme of the month.


Artikel “Guest writer”olehAliya Alifadrianti (Program Guest writer adalah salah satu program Incotive yang mengajakorang-orangdari berbagai latar belakang untuk berbagi perspektif mereka dalam bentuk tulisan)

As the call to prayer reverberate around the city at dawn, rows a conservatively dressed Muslim bowing towards Ka’bah and murmured prayers in Arabic. By night the same person dressed up in a Barbie doll-looking, wearing high heels and tank tops, wandering over city station running for errand: greenbacks. This is just a glimpse of waria life.

Waria is a local Indonesian term represents the transvestite community, the so-called “third-gender” of the country. The term itself is a portmanteau of “wanita”(woman) and “pria” (man). The group of waria are diverse, most commonly known in the Western world by drag-queen, cross dressing, a effeminate gay man and any irrepressible feminine spirit.

The concept of identity, gender, and human right has always raised…

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